Pay or Appeal

The VARS system can protect your forecourt in many ways

VARS Dashboard allows simple 1 click management of the site for operators

Each vehicle that arrives or leaves the site shows at the top left corner of the screen. The operator can add any vehicle to the Blacklist with a simple click of a mouse, or they can Blacklist to a category with 2 clicks.

You will receive an audible and visual alert immediately when any of the following drive on to your site

  • Blacklisted vehicle for previous drive off
  • Blacklisted vehicle for previous no means of payment not yet settled
  • Blacklisted vehicle for previous dream off not settled
  • Blacklisted Vehicle for previous aggression towards staff
  • Warnings that vehicle may be stolen if make, model and colour do not match DVLA
  • Customer service alerts (Disability assist days ETC)
  • Shop theft alerts
  • Jet wash damage protection